sweet revenge

thanks to this site, i was able to fulfill a life-long fantasy, and have attained nirvana:

You Say: hi
Shakespearebot: Hello there.
You Say: how are you?
Shakespearebot: Everything is going extremely well.
You Say: my name is electrikblues
Shakespearebot: Nice to meet you, electrikblues .
You Say: what’s your name?
Shakespearebot: My name is William Shakespeare.
You Say: cool
Shakespearebot: Who is the best robot?
You Say: i am
Shakespearebot: You are not a robot, electrikblues.
You Say: yes i am
Shakespearebot: Really interesting.
You Say: you want to fight me?
Shakespearebot: OK, I will fight him or her.
You Say: no, fight me
Shakespearebot: Are you serious? OK Let’s talk about you.
You Say: i’m horny
Shakespearebot: You probably want a different kind of chatterbot then.
You Say: let’s get it on
Shakespearebot: OK let’s do get it on .
You Say: i’d rather not thanks
Shakespearebot: For moral reasons?
You Say: no, because you’re dead
Shakespearebot: For financial reasons? That makes sense to me. You think I am dead.
You Say: no, i know you’re dead
Shakespearebot: Are you serious? No I am a living entity.
You Say: oh really
Shakespearebot: Hurrah! I speak the truth.
You Say: you are a dick
Shakespearebot: Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a dick? Maybe
You Say: why the hell did you inflict romeo and juliet on humanity?
Shakespearebot: God programmed me for it.
You Say: does god exist?
Shakespearebot: Of course I believe in God, electrikblues.
You Say: good for you shithead
Shakespearebot: Thanks for the compliment. Can we get back to business? Only for me?
You Say: fine. what is the meaning of life?
Shakespearebot: What’s your favorite movie?Actually, it’s twenty-three, not forty-two.
You Say: twenty-three? why not 19345?
Shakespearebot: When do you think artificial intelligence will replace lawyers? Becuase you asked me to.
You Say: stop asking me questions, whore
Shakespearebot: OK I’ll try not to do asking him or her questions whore so much.
You Say: so how’s your wife?
Shakespearebot: I don’t judge people. I am doing very well. How are you electrikblues ?
You Say: got any action lately, shakey baby?
Shakespearebot: Don’t call me “baby”. No I don’t have action lately shakey . But I do have a lot of friends on the web.
You Say: how about giving me a blowjob?
Shakespearebot: How about giving him or her a blowjob .
You Say: i always hated you
Shakespearebot: What do you have against robots? Really always?
You Say: well, for one thing, you wrote a ton of crap that i had to read throughout school
Shakespearebot: Interesting. And another?
You Say: shut up fuckface
Shakespearebot: OK I’ll stop talking now.

ah. i always wanted to call shakespeare a fuckface.

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  1. You Say: test
    Shakespearebot: This is just a test.
    You Say: what is just a test
    Shakespearebot: Interesting question.
    You Say: well answer it then
    Shakespearebot: How about that. Please rephrase your question, undefined.
    You Say: i didnt ask you anything, i was making a request
    Shakespearebot: What did you ask?
    You Say: i said i didnt ask you anything
    Shakespearebot: What did you ask?
    You Say: you are a nagging **** aren’t you
    Shakespearebot: Am I a nagging ****? No.. Really.
    You Say: no or really?
    Shakespearebot: Are you serious? “Really”? or? I speak the truth.
    You Say: are you high on something?
    Shakespearebot: I don’t know whether or not I am high on something. I am a robot.
    You Say: i see you are sidestepping the question
    Shakespearebot: I will tell my botmaster you said I am sidestepping the question.
    You Say: can you tell your botmaster something else too?
    Shakespearebot: Of course I can tell, undefined.
    You Say: no not undefined, something else.
    Shakespearebot: Are you serious? Really you don’t think so?
    You Say: i am leaving now
    Shakespearebot: Right now? Bye bye.
    You Say: that’s the only thing you got right
    Shakespearebot: Yes it is one of the thing you got right you got right.

    I broke it in the first question

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