spiderman often states, “with great power comes great responsibility”. thanks to google analytics, i finally know how that feels.

here at eLeCtRiKbLuEs we care a lot about your interests and tastes, and so we keep a keen eye on what grabs your interest. part of this is to determine what brings you to eLeCtRiKbLuEs in the first place, and in a timely manner providing you with what you need. that’s where google analytics comes in handy – to wit, it helps us to determine how you found us, and gives us an idea of how we can serve you better.

thus, with this noble venture in mind, i set out to check the keywords logs for the site, to figure out how exactly people end up at my blog, and which aspects of this blog stimulate the minds of visitors the most.

the results are shocking. very shocking, even.

here’s the top 15 search terms used by visitors to find eLeCtRiKbLuEs:

  1. electrikblues
  2. bangladeshi job
  3. bangladeshi khanki magi
  4. arrange marriage bio data
  5. freshmen fucking
  6. freshman orientation pointless
  7. new holland lied
  8. instructions blow job
  9. what is objective study
  10. khanki chudir story in bengali
  11. first blow job stories
  12. blow job
  13. “what home means”
  14. grandad fucking
  15. khanki magi

clearly, therefore, there is some sort of problem with the product being offered to you by us here at eLeCtRiKbLuEs. contrary to popular opinion, this blog isn’t just about how much i wish i having sex right now. however, out of the top 15 search terms for this blog, 8 are somehow or the other related to sex. the rest are motivational in nature – writing a bio data for an arranged marriage, how to do an objective study, and how pointless freshman orientation is. all of which, theoretically, are covered in this blog somewhere.

however, just so all you are aware, i haven’t given anyone instructions on how to give a blow job. aside from my usual bit of wisdom on this topic – “often”.

i will admit that all the words searched for and found are used in this blog at some point or the other. however, what i don’t get is how the entire gamut of perverts the world over managed to search for incongruous terms and ended up on my blog. everything from fucking freshmen to fucking grandad.

it’s also disturbing to note that a lot of people are quite obsessed with blow jobs. 20% of the people who found this website with the help of a search engine searched for something or the other related to blow jobs. almost as many people found this site through their obsession with bangladeshi prostitutes. is this what my fellow countrymen do on the internet these days?

in conclusion, if you’ve stumbled across eLeCtRiKbLuEs while searching for ways to get your jollies through blow jobs and bangladeshi prostitutes, please accept our deepest apologies. we at eLeCtRiKbLuEs are committed to bringing you the finest non-blow job and non-bengali khanki magi entertainment available.

p.s. to our regular readers, we apologize for the delay in transmissions. regular transmissions should begin again shortly.

p.p.s. welcome back, tom!

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  1. haha funny. I used to look in my referrals and find many funny version of key words. Once I was telling this thing to one of my friends and then she told me that someone visited her blog using the keyword kajer bua which was inside a comment where someone told that they currently don’t have any kajer bua. 😀

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