so much for farewells

i’ve tried really hard to say goodbye to blogging, and i’ve tried to shut off that chapter of my life for the rest of my life. i’m even busier now than i used to be, but still i find myself constantly wishing i had the creative outlet that is eLeCtRikbLuEs available for the frequent memory dumps that i now enjoy.

and so i’ve returned, albeit very infrequently most probably, to the world of blogging.

this reincarnation of the blog will be very limited to friends and other people i actually know. as a result, the crap on this blog is going to get increasingly crappier and maybe even more emotional. but i’ve given up trying to be a fantastic blogger. i forgot along the way, somehow, that i wasn’t blogging for fame or accolades, but merely to preserve my own sanity. it’s time i returned to that frame of mind again.

welcome back to the journey that is eLeCtRiKbLuEs.


  1. Ha!

    Is that YOU in the pics, dude? You look about 17! What happened to the suave man-about-town?

    Congrats on the show, tell us more, put up the numbers you played.

    Why doesn’t your update show on my feed-reader?


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