going home

right, i’m sure all of you have been wondering when mobileBangladesh was going to be updated. well, i’m proud to announce that the site has finally been updated (which means i’ve finally stopped procrastinating).

the latest pictures are from bogra, where we visited a seventh century buddhist temple, and from bagerhat, my ancestral village home where i returned after almost ten years. to see the pictures, click here.


  1. Yo. You can still write, buddy. Funny timing that I came across this today. My Inbox is too full so I have to delete mails and things are quiet around here. I ran into the mail you sent to me with the link to electrik blues and thought I’d see what was new. Little did I know what I’d find. Thanks for letting me into one of your stories as I sit at my desk eating a chicken tikka roll. Life is strange in this city.

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