confucius say: rat in hurry run over everything in path, even toes.

i’m channeling my creative energies in a slightly different direction, and i’m glad to say that it’s finally borne some fruit. i’ll post said fruit sometime this week. and no, it’s not another crappy story.

meanwhile, the monsoon finally arrived. three months late. seems like it’s learnt a lesson or two in promptness from our wonderful politicians.


  1. Dude, tell me this isn’t true. You’re not actually going through with it?!?!

    Time to cue Queen on the PA system …
    And in six months’ time, as you watch her put low-cholesterol gunk on your toast or throw away your favourite guido shirt, you’ll be too broken-spirited to even mind.



  2. I don’t know whether to congratulate you or send some sort of weapon. Here’s hoping you can coerce her into a meeting so that you can at least gauge the degree of unhappiness that marriage tends to bring with it…

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