an evening with violet smoke 3?

i highly doubt anyone still visits this site anymore. don’t worry, i don’t blame you. part of my new take on life is to write at least 1000 words a day, on absolutely anything, so get ready to start reading loads of crap here (thanks for the idea, prufrock!)

anyway, if any of you are in town and are interested, my band violet smoke will be performing again at kozmo lounge on the evening of june 15. do stop by, have a banana frappe, and enjoy some music.

see you there!


  1. Shi (that’s my new nick for you), have someone record the performance using a DVD recorder, and then you can edit it (with some A/V software) and upload in YouTube….so we can see/hear…
    And enough of this “glumness”…enjoy life FGS. You are too young to be feeling so dejected. 🙂

  2. Hello.
    Yes I’ll be there. Also, Iv invited some friends from my Club. Maybe 3-5 of us will be there. All the best, and this is a really really nice blog! :>


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