what a spectacle

the daily star, bangladesh’s premier source of garbage journalism, brings us news today of the arrests of members of an “international racketeering syndicate”. the most interesting part of this article is shown below, describing the arrests of two other members of this syndicate previously:

On May 15, DB police also arrested two members of the gang, along with three credit cards, two passports, two sets of spectacles worth Tk 26,000, and a receipt for credit card payment.

yes. you read that right. two spectacles worth taka 26,000. the glasses i wear cost me around 500 taka to make, including the lens, frame and all other associated costs. if i were to buy a pair of spectacles worth taka 13,000 each, i’d expect it to come with a mobile beeper that would allow me to find it if it was lost, a gps connection that would allow me to track it down no matter where on the planet it was, lenses that changed color according to my mood, a built-in mp3 player, television and hookup for a dvd player. not to mention a magnet to attract hot women.

more pertinently, what kind of a dumbass crook who has three presumably fake credit cards spends their money on buying two pairs of extravagant spectacles anyway? heck, if i had those credit cards myself, i’d have the most high-tech house on the plan, with security access doors and windows, on demand audio playback in any room of the house, a wall of tv screens etc. etc. etc. not to mention the porsche in the garage.of course, given the current situation with the electricity in bangladesh, it would probably mean that nothing would run for more than half the day.

i swear, our crooks are getting dumber by the minute.

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