it turns out that, with this sexy new look, the comments section isn’t working well. possible solutions that i am trying:

1. learning php to figure out why the hell you can’t submit comments.
2. disabling comments altogether
3. changing the look to something else
4. shooting the monitor and/or cpu

given that option 1 is extremely time consuming, and 4 can do some irreversible damage and get me fired, i’m looking at options 2 and 3. however, neither option is very attractive to me right now. as much as i initially whined about it, i’ve grown accustomed to the mating ladybirds, and i’m not certain they are as bad as i originally thought they were. except for the fact that the ones at the bottom are mating, and are therefore in the process of getting more action than i have gotten in years.

so that would leave disabling comments. which would suck, because, as we all know, i thrive on prufrock’s acerbic comments about my posts.

in the meantime, you should all have my email address by now, so email away.


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