jonotar moncho

i just realized i haven’t posted anything in a month. that’s because, with all the politicians claiming that they speak for the masses, i’m pretty sure somewhere or the other my viewpoints on politics are captured. thus, the last post was the sad demise of my political blogging career. now i can go back to writing absolute crap again. whoopee.

but seriously, no more politics discussions. i quit. i’m fed up and am giving up. from now on, this blog will be mostly my own stories and other crap that occasionally falls out of my brain.

also, if you’ve recently posted a comment and it hasn’t shown up, i apologize. this blog’s comments have recently been overrun by spam, to the point where i get up to 100 spam comments a day. thanks to wordpress and akismet, i haven’t had to manually delete each spam comment, but if your comment somehow got marked as spam, it’s been lost forever. if you have something really urgent to tell me, email me at eb at electrikblues dot com. contrary to public opinion, i do check that email once in a while, so i’ll get your message.

adios for now. see you again at the end of this week.

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