those of you who know me personally (and possibly even those who’ve been stalking me online) know well that one of my favorite hobbies in life is to complain incessantly about how much i hate my job. despite my frequent expressions of disgust at the concept of me working where i work, i’ve somehow managed to work there for two whole years. this is quite unlike me, in that in general my attention span is equivalent to that of a grasshopper on ecstasy, and that i’ve never been known to be anywhere for any long period of time.

however, i am pleased to announce that i have finally taken the monumental step of quitting my job, or rather the unnecessary informality of giving my one month’s notice. i must admit that those of you who have never done so have no idea what you are missing. the euphoric high induced by the sudden burst of freedom gives one quite a buzz. and so i’ve been drifting along with that buzz for the past two days. any moment now, i expect reality to sink in, and therefore induce a panic attack brought on by anxiety regarding what i should be doing with the rest of my life, as well as the imminent loss of income and the inability to pay the outrageous monthly gas bills that are incurred by my brooding and venomous automobile.

as such, i’ll be spending the next few days in deep meditation and soul-searching, trying to determine the direction in which my life is headed given my recent actions. as a result, i’m afraid my already irregular posting may become even more irregular. however, given the amount of free time that i will soon be privy to, the disruption may not last very long.

in the meantime, here are a few personal messages for specific readers:

prufrock: best of luck in your new job. hope that the transition isn’t too rough. am still planning a trip to cal for that biriyani you promised me over a year ago!

photoholic: there really is no reason for you to post anonymous messages. i already know who you are.

zn: stop reading my old posts! or at least stop judging me by them!

everybody else: when i return, there will be lots more fun. and yes, i promise there won’t be any more mention of elephant excreta.

please stay tuned. regular transmission will resume shortly.


  1. how can you think I wrote something like “hey, i dig your site man…..”…?? Why would you think that about me? Whyy?
    Am I not more likely to write: “Yo WiLd eDvEnTuReS R o-Sum. U R sO kEwL!!”?

    kemon acho wild?

    and oh yes, fix my record right away please. I do not dig anything but my own grave on a regular basis.

  2. addendum:
    I just went through some more of the comments and I don’t know why you would think i am your “biggest fan” or say something like “dude nice pic. got any recordings?”.

    ki j bolo na..”I already know who you are” – whatever! Its not me; its your “biggest fan” and some other kid who has a crush on you.

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